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TRIAD Recording- Tracking Room
TRIAD Recording- Control Room
TRIAD Recording- Staff
TRIAD Recording- Sound Of Gravity
TRIAD Recording- Ribbon cutting
TRIAD Recording- George on drums
TRIAD Recording- Dilly Ray Draco
TRIAD Recording- John Hanson
TRIAD Recording- Tavares, Phil Green
TRIAD Recording- grand piano
TRIAD Recording- vocal booth
TRIAD Recording- house kit and piano
TRIAD Recording- amps in hall
TRIAD Recording- Control 24
TRIAD Recording- matt ricci board
TRIAD Recording- matt ricci working
TRIAD Recording- main control room
TRIAD Recording- house piano and kit
TRIAD Recording- from control room
TRIAD Recording- production room

About TRIAD Recording

TRIAD Recording is considered by many to be the best recording studio in RI, and one of the best recording environments in New England.


The original ‘Normandy Sound’, in business since the late 1970’s, recorded many iconic artists and hit records of the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s under the ownership and direction of multi-platinum-selling and Grammy-winning engineer/producer Phil Greene. [These artists include national and international hits such as New Kids On The Block as well as regional breakout artists such as The Dropkick Murphys, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Amie Mann (Til Tuesday), John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band (multi platinum selling Eddie and The Cruisers Soundtrack) and countless others]


Since being purchased and renovated by Tony Ricci and the staff at TRIAD in 2012, the spirit of Normandy Sound (now TRIAD Recording) is back, with Phil Greene still involved.


TRIAD Recording has since had great success with Tavares’ “Heaven 24/7” on the Billboard Hot Selling Singles Chart (#1), a Billboard Top 10 charting album with Grant Maloy Smith, and numerous Grammy Considerations.


TRIAD is dedicated to inspiring genius and capturing magic, and to being the go-to studio for you to make your next significant record. Contact us today, and experience ‘Total Recording In Another Dimension’

Record your best album yet

Record Live, Loud, and Late

Ask about our Weekend Warrior package

get backing tracks made for the song in your head

Have a professional arranger help you build your lyrics and melodies into a full song

learn to record and mix- get internship opportunities

Get the skills you need to pursue your passion with one-on-one mentorship

Find out if the TRAC program is right for you

upgrade from your bedroom

Ask about our Producer Package, and utilize our B-Room to work on your own project (with a Pro Tools Control-24 Surface and studio monitors with a subwoofer)


There’s a sense of coming home. A kind of AT LAST, someone finally gets me! This was my experience at TRIAD. As a singer-songwriter, I had a very specific concept about the texture and feel of the CD I wanted to create. The team (Jon Brennan, Matt Ricci and owner Tony Ricci) worked tirelessly to help me realize that vision. I asked them to push me, keep the bar high, and help me make magic. They did exactly that, and somehow kept it incredibly fun. In between takes we did a lot of laughing, and a lot of artist talk. 

- Tom Lane [Trakker]

I have been a client of TRIAD/Normandy for more than 25 years, recording numerous projects. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! 

    Full service studio. They helped me arrange material, record and produce my CD. Played many instruments. Provided background harmonies. 

    I spent many years in LA chasing the Rock N Roll dream. I've recorded in more expensive studios, and have been produced by platinum record producers. After all is said and done, I’ll take TRIAD in a heartbeat. 

 During my first ever experience in a professional studio environment, Alex [Enamorado] was quick to make me feel comfortable and gave off a calm and collective vibe as if it wasn't our first time meeting one another. I felt we worked well together and were able to frequently expand our ideas from feeding off each other's energy. The studio setup was beyond what I had expected of a local studio. [Alex] did his absolute best to see my vision and even suggest ideas to further mine. He helped me see the skills that I possess that I wasn't taking advantage of to help me become a better artist. When I left the studio, I felt even more of a confident artist than when first I walked in. I WILL, without a doubt, be working with Alex again in the future.

- Darrin G

If you want to make your best recording yet I recommend TRIAD Recording for the task. Matt Ricci worked tirelessly and fluidly to bring my musical vision to life. With Matt you are getting a world class engineer, and producer, at an extraordinary value. I am thrilled with the sound of my first solo album that exceeds my sonic expectations. Expect nothing less than greatness when working with Matt and the rest of the excellent team at TRIAD.

- Justin C

I have friends who had recorded at TRIAD with Matt Ricci, and when I heard the result I booked my own session with him. Now that I have my own finished product, I plan on doing all future projects at TRIAD Recording with Matt. He’s fast, efficient and has a great ear. If you’re thinking of doing a project, book this guy!


- Dave Croce 

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