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The Team At TRIAD

Tony Ricci is a veteran music producer with over 20 years experience and 6 Grammy Considerations since 2005. Tony is a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

Tony was the staff Sound Designer at the TONY Award winning Trinity Repertory Company in Providence RI for two years, dealing with all aspects of Theatre production sound and also composing original music for the world premier of the play Reckless. He has worked with all styles of music including rock, metal, pop, country, jazz, world, urban, classical and folk. In addition to his studio work, Tony is an audio instructor at New England Institute Of Technology.

Tony’s production style is based on capturing what makes each artist unique and recognizable, and creating showpiece mixes. He is currently looking for artists who have strong songs, true passion for their music and a desire to take their career to the next level.

Owner/ Producer

Tony Ricci

Engineer / Producer / Acoustician / Studio Designer / Studio Musician

Only a handful of recording engineer / producers can claim over seventy million in record sales. In his twenty-four years as owner, manager, and chief engineer of Normandy Sound, Phil Greene has recorded and/or mixed over twenty-five gold and platinum albums and singles. In addition to being a successful engineer and producer, Phil is also an experienced studio manager, acoustician, studio designer and builder, having run his own 48-track SSL room from 1975 to 1999. There is not a lot about recording music or running a studio Phil doesn’t know.

For 24 Years, Phil owned and operated Normandy Sound in Warren, RI, where sixty seven chart albums, twenty seven gold and platinum albums, ten Top Ten hits, three #1 albums, nine Top Ten singles (six of which reached #1), were recorded and/or mixed, resulting in sales of over 70 million records. It was clearly New England’s most successful music studio and Phil clearly New England’s most successful recording engineer/producer. Phil has been in the business since 1963 as a guitarist, studio musician, recording artist, engineer and producer. He produced his first top 20 single in 1972 as a member of the recording group Swallow for Warner Brothers Records.

His extensive discography includes mixing New Kids on the Block’s 1988 ‘Hangin’ Tough’ album (which has sold over ten million copies in the U.S. and thirty seven million copies worldwide, in addition to boasting a whopping five #1 hit singles), and more recently, Peter Wolf’s 2002 album ‘Sleepless,’ featuring artists such as Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, and Steve Earl (this album was chosen as one of Rolling Stone’s list of ‘500 Greatest Albums of All-Time’).

Phil Greene

Matt Ricci grew up around recording studios and began apprenticing at a young age, working closely with veteran music producer, Tony Ricci, and legendary Grammy winner, Phil Greene.

Working professionally as a recording engineer and music producer since 2008, Matt has engineering credits on 3 Grammy Considerations, as well as a #1 on Billboard’s ‘Hot Singles Sales’ Chart in 2016, and a top 20 on Billboard’s ‘Top-Selling Americana/ Folk Albums’ Chart in 2017.

He is an experienced songwriter, singer, and guitarist, and is an instructor in the use of several professional DAWs, especially MOTU’s Digital Performer. Matt is also the primary instructor for the TRIAD Recording Arts Certification course, helping aspiring music producers and audio engineers learn the craft.

Chief Engineer / Producer / Instructor

Matt Ricci

Producer/ Engineer/ Beat Programmer

A Rhode Island native, Alex is an engineer who’s had a passion for music from an early age. He initially learned to play guitar, then piano and drums, and played with several bands in his teenage years. He has been inspired by bands across many genres, including Guns N Roses, The Eagles, Jimi Hendrix, Avenged Sevenfold, Eminem, Beastie Boys, The Beatles, and so many others.


In college, he began to develop skills in digital recording and drum programming. After leaving college, Alex acquired a certificate through TRIAD Recording’s TRAC program, and became a full staff member shortly thereafter (primarily working from the TRIAD WaveCave location). He primarily works with AKAI hardware and Apple Logic, and is also well versed in ProTools and Digital Performer.


Alex has found a passion for recording, songwriting, and beat-creation for rappers, spanish-language singers, R&B artists, and others.

Alex Enamorado

Producer / Engineer / Studio Musician / Videographer / Instructor

Jon has been engineering, mixing and producing music for over 15 years in a wide variety of styles. He has a degree in audio and video production from the New England Institute Of Technology.

His laid-back approach, natural musicianship and honest love of all things musical makes him indispensable to the artists he works with. Jon is a songwriter, vocalist and guitar player who has fronted several hard rock bands during his career. Jon owned and ran The Digital Dungeon recording studio in RI for many years before being lured away to join the team at TRIAD. His specialty is rock and metal bands.

In addition to his audio skills, Jon is an experienced Videographer. He currently owns the video production company Iron House Media. At TRIAD, Jon offers private instruction in Videography using Final Cut Pro.

Jon Gonsalves

Tony Ricci

Linda Ricci has been singing and playing keyboards in cover rock and original bands from Maine to Saint Thomas. Before meeting her husband Tony Ricci she ran her own business, Luna Recording. Linda and Tony were part-owners of Soundbox, a unique audio/video recording studio franchise set up in malls, cruise ships, casinos and amusement parks. Linda managed the kiosks including quality control of the Soundbox products. Linda has been an educator in Art and Technology, maintains the TRIAD website and manages the everyday activities of TRIAD Recording Complex. She is always looking for up and coming bands to record at TRIAD.

Office Manager / Marketing  / Musician

Linda Ricci

 Jim has been involved in the music scene for 27 years, from recording and live sound reinforcement to performing in bands as a guitar player and percussionist. He has extensive experience in the high-pressure trenches of both club and concert sound reinforcement and live recording. Jim has toured as front of house mix engineer for Boston-based funk band Chucklehead, Pearl Jam tribute Itchy Fish, international reggae recording artist Yellow Man, jazz fusion artist Scott Henderson and Tribal Tech, blues legend Duke Robillard, rockers Blue Coop (members of Alice Cooper band and Blue Oyster Cult), and many, many regional acts over the years.

Jim co-owns and operates the highly successful and respected company Noll Guitars, where he repairs and builds custom instruments. He handcrafted the beautiful control room diffusers and outboard rack at the new TRIAD Normandy Sound location. Jim’s experience, broad practical knowledge, passion for music, commitment to excellence, and clean straightforward audio approach make him an invaluable asset in both live and studio recording situations.

Producer / Engineer / Luthier

Jim Landry

Arranger / Composer / Engineer / Studio Musician

Jon has served as Resident Arranger/Composer for TRIAD Recording Complex since 2012.  A singer and multi-instrumentalist, Jon has arranged music in many different genres, including Rock, Hip-hop, Pop, Country, R&B, Celtic, Chiptune, and Orchestral, as well as composing an original score for the horror movie “The Last Halloween.”  He is also a skilled engineer and studio musician, frequently writing and performing parts on guitar, bass, piano/keyboard, various percussive instruments, and backing vocals.

His specialty is working closely with clients to create and develop a unique sound for their current project.  Starting with as little as lyrics and a basic melody, Jon has the knowledge and skills to fully flesh out each new song and produce a professional demo or CD-quality release, always staying true to the artist’s vision.

Jon graduated summa cum laude from Rhode Island College in ’07, with a degree in Music and Theatre.  He has written and arranged songs for many theatrical productions, one of which featured music by his mother, longtime TRIAD recording artist Kari Tieger. Jon regularly performs with a number of musical groups, serving as lead vocalist for the award-winning rock band Shryne, acting as the “Royal Keyboardist” for King Richard’s Faire, and has most recently started a Celtic project called Branáin with his wife Sara.

Jon Brennan

Rick has been playing drums since before most of us learned to ride our first bicycle and hasn’t stopped. He has endorsements from several major music manufacturers. With every beat that Rick Benoit creates, he discovers new ways to allow songs to flourish. Rick studied theory with mentor and close friend Phil Caffrey (brother to Chris Caffery, Trans Siberian Orchestra) and has the good fortune to work with many of the top modern drummers globally, always learning new lessons and perspectives.

These credentials make Rick well suited for the Artist Development role at TRIAD Recording Complex, where he helps to discover and guide artists on their creative and professional career paths.

Rick’s been involved in many indie and alternative projects, the genres he enjoys most. He’s performed in over 17 countries and every state is the US while sharing the stage with numerous national and international artists. A recent highlight of Rick’s career was performing in New York City’s Times Square on New Years Eve, 2011 during the pre-televised show. He is currently helping to craft the debut album for modern rockers The Rich Davia Band.

Artist Development / Musician

Rick Benoit

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